Free fur all!

murnie‘s original, 2005 debut e.p., Written On the Kitten is now available as a free download over at bandcamp.


This one’s on us!


The Next Little Big Thing

We are about to start work, in earnest, on what will eventually emerge as our 2nd digital e.p. release of 2012. The title is still to be determined and the songs are still top secret – for now.

So, what can we divulge at this point?

It will contain some of our most boisterous work since The Kitten… alongside one of our most thought provoking offerings to-date. All of this with a side-order of worldliness.

What’s not to love!?

Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook feeds for periodnic updates.

Or if you too are never knowingly cool & deeply old-school; drop us an email and ask to be our friend. We do email updates too. When we remember!

Simon, Neil & Norry

Songs out of Stuff competition

If you’ve been following Murnie for a while (c’mon, we’re getting on for NINE years, you must have stumbled across…no? Oh well) you’ll know we have a longstanding thing (no, madam, titter ye not, etc) about making up songs out of stuff people send us.

That’s right, Stuff. Bits and pieces, odds and sods, random ephemera that come into folks’s heads. No matter how weird they may be. In fact, we especially like the weird ones. That’s how the suggestions of “naked underwater golf” and “fish parts” became the sensitive ballad, Down (on the Glitter Flies ep).

So, it’s competition time again.

Send us you ephemera, your fleeting thoughts, your random stuff, and the ones we like the best we’ll make into a song. We might actually make ALL of them into songs at some point, but for the purposes of this being a competition, we’ll choose one to be the winner.

And what will the “winner” get? I dunno. What do you want? Money? Really? You want money? Cos you can HAVE money…but you know what, I think you’ll like this better: you’ll get a special one-off CD containing ALL of Murnie’s recorded material so far, we’ll throw in a copy of Mutation Press’s amazing Music For Another World anthology of music-related short fiction, some badges probably too and any other bits and bobs we can fit in the jiffy bag.

And all you have to do is go over to our facebook page, friend us if you don’t already, and give us your best random thought for us to immortalise in song.

Easy as that.


sundaymouth roots

If you are interested in learning a little more about the background of the sundaymouth songs; they’ve hopped up into the dentist’s chair over at Neil’s blog and they’re saying ‘Ah’, right now!

Summer is here…

…and so is the sundaymouth e.p.






Available exclusively from bandcamp

Gantin for a bit of mouth

So the sundaymouth ep is officially available for listening, purchase and downloading at wur Bandcamp page from next Monday (March 26th). If you find you like them and you want to take them home and cherish them for ever, pledge a minimum of a quid, but you can give more if you think the songs are worth it.

If you are a hardcore member of the murnie massive and have a burning desire to receive your download link the very moment it is released – you can pre-order it on bandcamp now.

Putting on our Sunday Mouths

It’s probably okay to announce that barring a few wee tweaks the new Murnie ep is almost ready for release. All the recording is done, the mixes are settling nicely and the art director is looking happy with the visuals. Here are the details:

Title :  sundaymouth

Tracks : 1/ Whitehouse, 2/ Shaking A Fist At God, 3/ Soft Brown Voice, 4/ Smile

Release date – Monday 26th March (the Bandcamp page will accept pre-orders from Friday 23rd).

This is the first ep containing tracks that were originally intended for the album, and we’re really please with the way they’ve turned out.

More details soon!